Dark Side Oils | synthetic oil so pure, it must be from the dark side!
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Amsoil Synthetic Motorcycle Oil
Big Blue 2005 Ultra, 44,300 kms Old Blue 1977 XS650D, 62,000 kms Baby Blue 1994 Low Rider, 72,300 kms Red Headed Step Child 1999 Low Rider, 33,000 kms
Dark Side Oils really got started after I began putting AMSOIL in my 2005 Ultra Classic Electra Glide Harley Davidson and noticed how much smoother and cooler it ran. Since I have an oil sump temperature gauge it was easy to see the 8-10 deg C difference it made over the other grade of Premium synthetic oil I was using. I had already been using AMSOIL in my Grand Prix GXP with good success but I still wasn't using AMSOIL filters. As I continued to research AMSOIL products, how they are made and why they are superior to other offerings I became impressed with the technical details provided by AMSOIL. In addition I noticed they also provided hard data and fact, explaining how their products perform. Not just anecdotal customer testimonials.

As you can imagine I was soon using a broad range of AMSOIL products in all my vehicles and even in my snow-blower and lawn mower, including several gasoline additive products as well. I am now absolutely convinced this is the best oil and filters I can buy.

In addition the oppourtunities AMSOIL provides to people like you & me to be able run a small business and take it as far you want at your own pace was very intriguing. I had always want to run small business and this was something I could get really passionate about and it fit very with my educational background as a mechanical engineer and my passion for machinery and motorcycles in particular. So I started as a Preferred Customer (PC) mainly to have the ability to purchase product at Dealer cost, which saved me significant $$'s over Retail. Soon many of my friends and family members were interested to try AMSOIL as well so I moved up Independent Dealer and it has continued to be an excellent learning experience. The oppourtunity to earn some supplemental is nice as well. The next phase was to become T-1 Certified so I could sponsor other PC's and Dealers and help other to learn what I have.

So why Dark Side Oils? Well when you start a business you need a name, and I have always been a Sci-Fi geek (Live long and prosper, etc, etc) and when I was in my early 20's there was so much misinformation, mystery and hocus-pocus over synthetic oils their compatibility, performance etc etc that it just seemed like synthetics were the Dark Side of lubrication. Besides how cool is it to have as your slogan "Come over to the Dark Side, Dark Side Oils that is". So come on over to reduced maintenance costs, improved fuel economy, easier starting, longer engine life, reduced cost and see the light!!